Superfast Surrey

BIG drawings for a campaign to promote BT and Surrey County Council’s superfast fibre broadband network.

Edge Magazine

I was asked to do one of Edge magazine’s 20 different cover spreads celebrating their 20 year anniversary. ┬áThis is a pixel version of Half-Life 2, their top game of 2004.

Animated GIFs

Some animated GIFs I’ve made:
(Note: You need to click the thumbnails to get them to move)


This was an utter joy to do: Maxim article on their “dream job” – videogames tester.

See how many games you recognise on-screen.

Livingstone Partners

Creepy co-incidental double theme feature here, this time a Donkey-Kong-style treatment of the global financial collapse.

The Atlantic

Article on the struggle of women to reach the top of the business tree, represented by, how else, a game of Donkey Kong. Article here.

20:20 Print Exchange 2012

I did this print exchange last year (and back in 2010), where you submit an edition of 25 prints (plus a tenner admin fee) and a few months later get a nice box through the post with twenty other peoples’ prints chosen at random.

Mine arrived last month. ┬áSince I’ve managed to photograph them, here they are (with a bigger version of mine so you can read it):

Pixel Consoles

Buoyed by the success of the NES, it was decided to do a series – so I’ve been working through a list of consoles, starting with all the Nintendo ones. Here: